K so basically, our [American’s] internet might be getting censored.

You can search up these bills (SOPA and PIPA). A bunch of people are against these bills, so am I. Websites might be put down and censored. Basically, there will be less freedom on the internet. To sign a petition against these bills you can click here.

You may have noticed that Google and Wikipedia are “blacked out”. Google has a censorship image over its logo to show what might happen (kind of a protest). Wikipedia has blacked out completely and you won’t be able to access it for 24 hours. Just to show you what might happen if these bills are passed.

I don’t know a lot about these bills (I haven’t read them) but they don’t sound fair, so I signed the petition. You can, too.



4 thoughts on “SOPA and PIPA

  1. Where’d you get that STOP CENSORSHIP banner in the corner?

    bliss~Dashboard>Settings>Stop SOPA and PIPA> Protest banner. You can also black out your blog completely, but I don’t think I could do that:P

  2. not only in america but in uae also , but google is not blacked out for us and wikipedia is available now

    bliss~Google wasn’t blacked out; it put a censorship banner over its logo. Wikipedia was only blacked out and down for a day.

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