Dizzywood Lives On

You can read the original post here. So many comments from old Dizzywood players. (‘: Still checking Dizzywood.com…

I can’t believe it’s been a bit over a year since Dizzywood closed down. Gah, I miss it. >.< Most. Fun. Virtual world. Ever. It was so epic, but they had to close it down. I’m guessing because of financial problems, though I’m not sure. Gold (the equivalent of “premium”) membership was ten bucks a month. But for Dizzywood I would gladly pay the fee.

So apparently Dizzywood will live on with something to do with this image:

They don’t look like Dizzywood characters. They look a bit like… trolls? I’m guessing the one on the left is a manly-looking (but female) construction worker. (Or builder? …SecretBuilder? Hm.) The one on the right reminds me of Presto with the suit and mayor-looking profile. The hat is mechanical-looking, though with even a pipe coming out of it. And these two are in photo frames. Presto knows what the heck that means.

What do you think?

~fudgyswirl, ex-Dizzywood player

fudgyswirl’s dizzywood cheats… ohh memories.


2 thoughts on “Dizzywood Lives On

  1. You just found that out? It’s been up for a while! I got a free secretbuilder membership for being a former Dizzywood player!

    bliss~It’s been up for a month and I viewed it a couple weeks ago, but I just posted about it. Lol everyone did. I don’t use my SecretBuilders account ’cause I think SecretBuilders sucks.

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