Fashion Police Mission Walkthrough

Speak to Agent Scarlet.

-What’s my task?

Go to Le Shop.

Talk to anyone.

-Do you have any idea who did it?

-Did you find any clues?

-Metal in the tanning booth?

-What does this mean?

-Thank you everyone.

Go back to the mission center.

-It seems the clothes were taken from the shops. Stella smelled burning metal, and thinks robots were involved.


*Red Alert*

-What’s that?

-On my way!

Go to Top Models, Inc.

Speak to Scarlet.

-An action mission! I got this.

Ok so for this game you have hairspray, a blowdryer, something else, and an iron claw. You place these obstacles in front of the robots so they don’t get to the red carpet. Distance is better for the blowdryer/hairspray. The iron claws replenish the fastest and are best for when the robots are getting too close.

Watch the mini-clip.

Chase the Robots

In this game you elevate Scarlet around by holding down the left key on your mouse. It’s a bit hard to control, but you can retry if you fail the first time. x3 Try to get the clothes and avoid the missiles. You have 3 lives.

You’ll be taken inside the Lighthouse. Talk to Dr. Finkelstein.

-Give it up Finkelstein, your plan is ruined!

Try to get him to give up.

-We’ll stop you Finkelstein!

The robot will do some harry potter wand spell and Scarlet will throw a wrench. When it comes to your turn you can use a color-gun, a splash, lightning, or a tornado.

If he gets in one of these, use the power that is labeled on his shield.

Talk to the battered up Dr. Finkelstein.

-Good will never give up to the likes of you Finkelstein. Now give yourself up!

-Why did you steal clothes from the shop?

-Confess Finkelstein, we have time.

Watch the slide thing.

Shopping Spree

Try to catch the clothes that are falling. Use your arrow keys and the space bar to dive.

You can carry five items maximum and then you need to take them to Scarlet. Keep collecting until you have 5 of each color items. This is timed so focus on getting the things you need!

Fashion Show

You have to dress up Finkelstein with the items that match the theme. Then it’s like Guitar Hero and you have to hold down the numbers on your keypad when they get to the circle.

When you win, you’ll get the mission badge.

And an accessory.



10 thoughts on “Fashion Police Mission Walkthrough

  1. For the part with the lighting, water, and wind, I don’t think you’re supposed to attack with the same color beam he has. Water defeats wind, wind defeats lighting, and lightning defeats water. (It was in the instructions)

    bliss~I don’t know. x) It still does a pretty big effect, though.

  2. I cant get through the ” Chasing the Robots”, its so hard. Can you help Me?

    bliss~Keep trying! You’ll get the hang of it after a couple tries.

  3. ***oh, correction, when he gets the elemental shield, look at the sign near the stairway to see what element to use against it

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