Spring in Fantage! And Captain Cody!

Captain Cody arrived a couple days ago. I haven’t been going on much so I haven’t gotten his gift yet.

Got the gift! It’s like a scepter? Lolwhat.

Anyway, it’s Spring in Fantage! Goodbye snow, hello grass!

There are some limited items that are Spring-themed on sale right now. So premium members stock up on your stars and non-members should stock up on eCoins.

Also, premium members can now get their new monthly  gift and everyone can collect another level because it’s March!

Level 115 now(:

New rare items have also come out!


Oh! And also, I have a new contest all set up! I’ll post it soon(;

4 thoughts on “Spring in Fantage! And Captain Cody!

  1. Ahh! High level! What’s your V-medal, the one that levels up each month,’s level?
    I am BROKE and only level 79.

    bliss~My Veteran Medal is level 32. I’ve had a couple older Fantagians, though. Been on Fantage since ’08. That’s pretty high, though. I’m broke, too. x)

  2. Woah your on a high level! Honestly you seriously look like a member! Your lucky to get e-coins! =( I have never had e-coins… well one day I got 500 e-coins for logging in but the next day they were gone! I didn’t even spend them!

    bliss~Same thing happened to me. ._. I get eCoins from the Fantage apps. But the only thing I have bought with eCoins is two moodies. I want to be as non-member-ish as possible to show that you don’t need to pay to be awesome. ;3

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