New Unreleased Clothing

Fantage has once again, released clothes without announcing them. There are a bunch of them and they aren’t hideous:P

There are plenty more. I’m not sure if the boys’ catalog has had new clothing, also. Just enjoy it before Fantage changes its mind.

The Fantage Bedrock Event’s prize was a board. The last two things are just movies.

The Wizard’s Domain secret area has been taken away. Who knows why.

I’m excited to go see The Hunger Games.



6 thoughts on “New Unreleased Clothing

  1. omg! I’m gonna watch it in theaters with my friends! Katniss is very pretty lol

    bliss~I’m gonna go watch it, too:D Unfortunately, I can’t go to the midnight premiere. :/ I’m gonna go the next day, though so it’s all good!:D Gah, I loved the books and the movie looks awesome. Jennifer Lawrence is pretty, she’s not exactly how I pictured Katniss, but she’s alright I guess.

  2. I agree that I thought Katniss would be well different looking. I really am exited because I get to go to the midnight premiere! Its on a Friday so I defiantly can go! And yoour blog is AMAZING! Its also so fantastic how you know so much stuff with only being a non member! I really like your outfit and board! =)

    bliss~Lucky! I can’t go to the midnight premiere but I will go at a later time:D Thank you! :3 I feel so flattered. ^_^

  3. I think i told u about this on something lolz :/

    bliss~What? No one told me about it. I went to look at the new stuff and saw there was unannounced stuff there, too. Fantage has been doing it for a while now. It’s just a matter of looking.

  4. Hey Bliss dont feel bad my parents wont let me go to midnight premiere wish i could LOVE DA HUNGER GAMES WOOT WOOT! here we go lol $m!Le:)

    bliss~You’ll go at a later time, right? I’m going but not at 12:00am lol.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUNGER GAMES IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GET TO GO TO MIDNIGHT PREMIRE!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! (=^.^=) (AWESOME KITTY!!!)

    bliss~Try not to fall asleep. BUT THEN AGAIN IT’S THE HUNGER GAMES. Of course you won’t. Have fun!

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