Spring into Fantage!

Spring/St.Patrick’s Day Event is coming! Looks like it’s going to be a scavenger hunt. Worry not, I’ll help(:

Five bucks says it’s going to be a scavenger hunt and a rabbit/bunny is coming. Who wants to bet?

New arrivals at the IDFone shop.

Also, on Thursday the Vintage Shop and the Oasis Bazaar are going to add new items. New-old items, anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Spring into Fantage!

  1. Thanks, but is that all 20 egg places?? Oasis, super power shop, jesters costumes, star cafe, castle inside & outside, ID Phone Shop, Beach, Fantage School, Le shop, stellar salon, Wizards Domain, top models inc, ottomans furniture, loco boardz, vintage classics, and the Forest?? There’s only 17… not 20…. But thanks anywayz! <3333333 ~ FANTAGE IS AWESOME U DN'T CARE? I DO, SO LEAVE IT TO ME AND OVERWHELM!

    bliss~There are two at the Castle. And you missed one – Mt. Fantage. Count them all. There’s 20. Check out my post – Fantage Bunny Bash Locations.

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