Spring into Fantage! Cheats

Mini Game 1: Spring Out! Cheats

It’s basicallly Doodle Jump. You just use your mouse to move it back and forth and try to land on the flower petals. The petals with the red spring give you an extra boost – go for those. AVOID: the bees and the purple things that go back and forth.

Mini Game 2: Run Spring Run! Cheats

You move the caterpillar with your number keys. Try to get the keys and AVOID the secret agents. If you go through the phone booth you’ll get a cape and will be practically invincible for a few seconds. Make a run for it!

Mini Game 3: Picture Hunt! Cheats

You basically find differences between two pictures. Easy. Keep looking!

Find clovers all over Fantage!




Pet Town

Mt. Fantage


Wizard’s Domain


Fantage School

Creature Area

Ottoman’s Furniture* Here’s where I found the four-leaf clover.

IDFone Shop

Vintage Classics

Jester’s Costumes

Loco Boardz

Star Cafe

Super Power Shop

Le Shop

Stellar Salon

Top Models, Inc.

You get 100 stars. (Plus, if you found the fourleaf clover an accessory.)



8 thoughts on “Spring into Fantage! Cheats

  1. Plus the one in Top Models Inc.

    bliss~If it’s not your first day looking for them, they might not all be there. Look around really well. After the first day I couldn’t find them all anymore.

  2. nooo im trying to find them in 2013!!!!!!!!!!! aaahhhh. i found 19 clovers. waa im stuck on the last clover…..i’ve looked EVERYWHERE. plz help someone. ive already looked inside buildings.

  3. they are not there bliss and this is my third day looking for them!!
    please help if you wanna chat im mymy2660 meet me at the beach if u wanna chat im in pink cow at 5:00pm kk later

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