I got over 3,000 views in one day. One day. One. Day. ONE. DAY. Asdfghjkl;’.

Just. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I know my busiest days are on Fantage events but 3,000+ views? That’s crazy! I normally get 300-700 views per day. Thank you so much anyone and everyone who visited!:D

I now have over 220,000 blog views. This is amazing. I’ve always wanted my blog to get big since I started blogging but didn’t think it would get this popular. Just ohmygosh thank you so much!

Also, I’ve gotten over 100 blog followers. Thanks!

I’ve made this blog banner and it would help me out if you guys used it(:

blissswirl's fantage cheats

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; alt=”blissswirl’s fantage cheats” border=”0″ /></a>

You can copy + paste that where HTML is permitted^^

My goal is to get 300,000 views sometime this year. Maybe before summer? Hmmm…

Thank you guys so much for visiting, commenting, advertising, and even for just looking at this post.




6 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. *gasp* My blog is a complete fail 😦 No one new ever visits it anyways. I bet you would never bother to look. It’s always the same two or three people that visits. Anyways, congratulations! Great blog.
    ~* Eli *~

    bliss~I’ll go take a look right now(; Thank you!:D

  2. All I want to say is thank you for being an awesome person and I hope you can get over 300,00 viewers by summer and I will help by advertising your blog on Fantage to help you reach your 300,000 views by summer(:

    bliss~Aw, thank you!:D Hopefully(:

  3. Thats strange…I got almost 200 followers :PPP sorry about boasting!! but i mean like u deserve those followers :PP and congratz about those 3000+ busiest day =D mine was like 2750 I think but anywayyysss congratz !

    bliss~I had it so only WordPress people could follow my blog. /fail xD Thank you!

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