Fantage Go kart and New Level-Locked Items!

Fantage has just released another app. This time it’s a racing game.It’s freeeee. I’ve downloaded it but have yet to try it out.

New level locked items are to come on April 12th.

Fantage should really let us high level non-members get some items. (Some level-locked items are for premium-members only.) I mean, they’re level-locked not membership-status-locked. To be a level 100+ non-member isn’t too easy and we should be able to get the level-locked items.

This is a bit late but Fantage is going to be releasing new boards designed after server names each month.

April 2012: Blue Tiger board




12 thoughts on “Fantage Go kart and New Level-Locked Items!

  1. The GoKart game is kinda like Temple Run

    bliss~I don’t play Temple Run so. xD I’ll try both of them out later. Fantage is so original.

  2. The game is hard -_- I can’t get more than 18 stars AND YOU CAN’T UPLOAD THE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its hard

    bliss~You can’t? That sucks.

  3. did you become a member Bliss? because the blue tiger board is only for members unless u bought it with e coins.

    Just wondering if u are


    bliss~No. When you click on it you can see it on you.

  4. I’m level 322 because I just got 1 month of premuim member (along with some ecoins) for FREE. No WAY I’m paying Fantage…
    ~* Eli *~

    bliss~To that last part: word.

  5. You can’t do anything on it! You can’t upload stars, you can’t get eCoins, and if you buy eCoins from it, you use it on the upgrades! (I think… I haven’t bought the eCoins, but there’s no transfer thing, so I’m guessing no). The highest stars I ever got on it was like, 27!

  6. -__- fantage isn’t so original. practically everything in the game is based closely off of something else. I’m just saying what I thinks the truth.

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