Earth Day On Fantage!

Earth Day is coming! Fantage is going to have an event to celebrate it.

Also, new homes are out now. Head over to the Castle if you’re in need of a new abode.

You can get this classy Germany-inspired home. If you have 9,000 stars laying around, y’know.

Or maybe you’d like this beach-side , eco-friendly house. All for the cheaper value of 7,500 stars. Wow!

P.S. Would you guys visit my personal blog if I made one? Just wondering…



One thought on “Earth Day On Fantage!

  1. Yeah, I would visit it. And, Fantage is getting…. idk… they’re like, running out of ideas

    bliss~Fantage is boring for me. Honestly, I only use Fantage to update my blog. Lots of people visit this blog and I don’t want to disappoint. I’ve decided to make a personal blog as like my new “project” lol. I’ve already made my new blog: (:

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