Earth Day Quiz Answers and Recycling Game

Locations: Downtown, Uptown, The Beach, Oasis, Carnival, Mt. Fantage, Castle, Wizard’s Domain, The Forest, & Fantage School

You get 5 stars per correct question.

What makes up 5-10% of the average house’s total energy? Lighting

Between 1950 and 2000, the U.S. population increased how much? It doubled in size

Which of the following DOES NOT actually save energy? A screen saver on your PC

What is an odorless and colorless gas emitted from cars and other vehicles? Carbon Monoxide

What is ‘composting’? Organic matter recycled as fertilizer

Energy-smart washers can save more water in 1 year than a person drinks in: An entire lifetime

Which type of pan cooks faster, saving heat? Copper bottom pans

How much does America spend every year on wasted heat energy due to small holes and cracks inside homes?$13 billion

Which item can be recycled? Paper

How many pesticide ingredients are suspected to cause harm to human health? 100

Every year, one American produces how many POUNDS of hazardous WASTE? Over 3000

How can I best avoid pesticide use? Organic lawncare alternatives

Which of these is a good way to save energy? Cook food all at once

How many tons of paper do Americans use annually? 50 million

Using this paint can help save light in your home: Light colored paint

Lowering your thermostat 10-15 degrees can save this much on heating: 15%

You’ll win a shirt after answering all the questions correctly. (Don’t worry if you missed one, go back in 5 minutes!)

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Recycling Game

If you find a plastic/metal/paper item, click on it and then click on the correct recycling bin.

Once you’ve done everything and your stampbook is complete, you’ll get the Earth Day medal.


19 thoughts on “Earth Day Quiz Answers and Recycling Game

  1. sure, np!
    also, there’s been a little bit of… problems going on between me and another blogger. it would be nice if u could go here
    and support me. i would forever be in your debt if you could do that for me. thanks, even if you decide not to! ❤

    bliss~I saw it. Kudos to you for staying calm:D There really was no argument. From what I could tell, she was picking a fight over nothing. My advice is to just ignore it and leave the argument alone. It’s not going anywhere, anyways. Good luck!

  2. uh how come i didn’t get the shirt? i answered them all correctly…:(

    bliss~Whaaaat? Did you answer ALL the questions? Make sure you went everywhere and answered everyone’s questions.

  3. Im not sure if the queshtions switched.. i am thinking they did because right now i am on fantage and most of the queshtions and answers you gave to us are now not any of the queshtions.. Some of them still are though. Could you please give an update on the queshtions? It would really help a lot! Thankyou for taking your time writing the fantage queshtions and answers. It has helped a lot!!!!!!

    bliss~Fantage tends to make a bunch of questions and release them randomly. That’s why I don’t have all of the answers.

  4. ALICE IN WONDERLAND MEETS FANTAGE!!!!!!!!! and cody is coming -_- Cody always has to do something with his face on it O_O or something lolz

    bliss~I’m about to update.

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