Kawaii’s Hawaiian Luau Event

I’m so late on this…

Mini Game 1: Play Wave Runner? Cheats

You move with your arrowkeys and can jump with your spacebar(for the dolphins). Hit your spacebar twice for a double jump (this works for the seagulls). When you get to the waves, press your arrow keys.

Mini Game 2: Play Hurray for Hula?

You have to press your arrowkeys so that they match the ones Kawaii is showing.

You’ll get stars from the mini games.

Coconut Drop

If you go to the Beach, you will see a palm tree near Sun Block. Click it repeatedly and the coconuts will fall off. Click them for free (five, exactly) stars!

After that (and after you’ve checked out the Limited Items) you should get your medal!

-bliss <– Click for my personal blog(:

One thought on “Kawaii’s Hawaiian Luau Event

  1. You….You….You…. are lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol

    bliss~I’ve been busy, okay?:P xD I posted a day before it was over… nice.

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