Chat Moderators

I need new moderators for my Xat chat. I’ve been getting a lot of complaining and the few mods I have (and myself) can’t always be on so I need more moderators. If you’d like to moderate the chatbox, please comment on this post. You cannot abuse your powers (I.e banning people for small reasons). If you do, you’ll become a guest again. In your comment please include what times you come on so I can try to get on at that time to make you a mod. And everyone, please remember, be nice.


73 thoughts on “Chat Moderators

  1. If my comments bug you i apolize I REALLY WANT TO BE A MOD I wiill follow rules be respectful and do ANY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i been in this chat a year i always wanted to be a mod PLEASE I COME EVERY SINGLE DAY EVEN ON SCHOOL DAYS!! PLEASE

  2. sorry if im bugging you but i love you chat on xat my name is smoshydip i always have like a Zayn is mine in my name or something bout Zayn PLEASE MAKE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make me mod I love your chat ❤

  3. Please Make Me mod PLEASE i stop cuss and being grounchy when people make fun of me i ignore then now i become mature please i will set a good behavior please u can go undercover and watch

  4. Hai Bliss I rly Hope You can make me a mod again i didnt do anything wrong not that im aware of and someone might have hacked me while i was gone… And I feel sad right now because lots of ppl r cussing and their being inapp please reconsider making me a mod and ill help and some mods r very mean ive met some please reconsider me… If not Its okay and if i did anything wrong i would like to know thanks Bliss! 🙂

    bliss~I unmodded you? I don’t remember doing that…

  5. Hey im cece again i just wanted to ask again because it took a REALLY long time to go on here. I am a great role model and i am on the chat like every day! I follow all the rules because well there rules! I will be on everyday even if school starts because i just love this chat! so get back to me

  6. bliss, please if its ok, could i be a mod? im (cc)ηιккι_вℓση∂ιє_¢υρ¢αкє(cc) anways i rlllly rlyyyyy wanna b a mod, im sooo srry ive been commenting this on like every post but i rlyyy rllyyyy do! i come on every day and NEVER EVER cuss i promise! im a xat member and i subscribe to ur blog, a lot of my friends became mods and they sed just comment and she will try to make you one, so plzzzz could i be one? ik almost everyone on chat and will promise to be a good role model!!!! plzzzz plzzzz! ive asked sooo many times and im srry if its annoying u but plz could i be a mod? thanks if you say yes! byeeee!!!!!

  7. by the way, i come on a lotttt! and like every day!!!! im soo srryyyy if in annoying u lol! XD but yeah im prtty sure no1 hates me on mod and stuff so yeah, ik phoebe, a new mod, so if u wanna make sure im not lying about this, you could plz ask her (or earl/silver/weird name person) shes my friend too, and u could ask her plzzzz!

  8. hi! srry if u get confused cuz i have 2 names on this comments thing cuz i use different laptops. so yeah its (cc)ηιккι_вℓση∂ιє_¢υρ¢αкє(cc) again, and plz plz plz would it be ok if i could b a mod? im a rlyyyyyy good person who will follow all the rules, and im prtty sure uve seen me on chat becuz i come on a lot. oh and also, cece is one of my bffs, and she is one of the greatest people ever so plz make her a mod too cuz she is like totally awesome and nice and is an awesome role model too 🙂 so plz plz plz couold we both b mods? im a xat member and a suscriber. u could also go undercover to make sure we r good ppl cuz we r…and we wont ban anyone for no reson plzzzzzz!!!!!! ty plz get back on us 🙂 ps-im so srry im this annoying im just rly desperate cuz i luvvvvvv ur chat!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. also, i think u have seen me many times on chat because wenever u come on (around noon…ik im so stalkerish lol jks ppl ask and i always wanna meet u so i come on around that time) i always say something like hiiii or something on pc, so plzzzzz consider me being a mod, this is like one of the 4 websites i go onto (fudgyswirl, playlist, youtube, and fantage) the other websites i go too r either for school or homework or to check my grades so yeah lol! plzzzz consider!!!!!!! also ask some on the other mods like phoebe and earl because ik them and they can be honest with u on wat kind of a person i actually am 🙂 thank u again! im rly desperate lol bye!

    bliss~Ok, you can be a mod.

  10. hi its nikki again lol! so i rly rly rly rly rly want to b a mod plzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im a rly good person and i will follow all the rules because rules r meant to be followed and they should. if i could b a mod i promise i will never bother u again with anything 🙂 plz plz make me a mod! im on ur chat page alllll the time! and i suscribe to ur webpage and im a xat member who knows all the rules!!!!!! i wont ban anyone for small things! i promise! i rlyyyy want to become a mod like some of my friends and i will be a good role model! plz plz get back to me! ty!!!!!

  11. Bliss can I be a mod please? I’m not trying to annoy you and it’s fine if you don’t make me a mod. I’ve seen you many times on the chatbox.
    I go on everyday during summer and when school starts, I’ll be on as soon as I get home from school. I’ve been on this chat for about 9 months or so. I know you already have like 10 mods, but I would really like to be one of them. Please consider me.

  12. thanks Bliss can we meet on next saturday at 11:00am eastern time in usa

    bliss~I can’t meet up through comments. I don’t check them everyday.

  13. Hey bliss i actually wanted to talk to u about your recent mod her name was i love spongebob and shes really rude and banning people for no reason and she called me a loser and to shut up. Im sorry but im scared to go on when shes on. I dont think she should be a mod

  14. Bliss on your chat people have gone wild. People keep saying its my fault but its not. Whos involed: smosh,lizzy and moopsiecake the fake one. I dont know why people are blamming it on me when they are not following the rules.

  15. Hey ppl… I know you prob don’t remember me from the chat lAst August. I left and never came cuz I was grounded and forgot about this but I’ll try to get bak on some time. IF I CAN GET ON THE CHAT AGAIN. Hey Cece… Hey Penelope… And hey bliss.

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