Pirate Panic Mission Cheats/Walkthrough

Go to the Mission Center.

Log in and Pirate Panic should be the first mission to come up. Start it.

You’ll need to talk to Agent Scarlet. (Agent Scarlet is the female agent with the red hair and sunglasses.)

Agent, our spies are reporting an imminent attack on Fantage! Pirates are invading the beach!

-What  can we do about it?

Our scientists have been working on upgrading the submarine’s weapons. It should do the trick for now.

-Okay, let’s head out!

After a short movie thing, you’ll need to play Battleship. You just click on the grid at a square and hope your torpedo will sink a ship.

How to Play Battleship

Wait for the scanning line. Green skulls should appear on the grid. Shoot the torpedo where the skulls are heading towards.


After sinking like four ships you’ll be done.

Great job, Agent. We defeated Peg leg Pete for now, but I have a feeling that he’ll be coming back.

-I’ll be ready.

Wait a second and Scarlet will have another “!” over her head. Talk to her.

Agent, Peg Leg Pete has returned with stronger ships! Our scientists have been working on upgrading the submarine’s weapons.

-I’m ready for battle now.

It’s another Battleship game. I’m not going to give directions again. You can review them by scrolling up on this post a little.

Great work agent. You managed to hold off Peg Leg Pete again.

-It was nothing.

And low and behold, Agent Scarlet needs your help. Again. Talk to her.

Agent, Peg Leg Pete has returned again! Our scientists have been working on upgrading the submarine’s weapons.

-I’m ready for battle now.

You’ll have gotten a new weapon: a glowing, red torpedo. Remember, last time you got Captain Cody, too. Now you have three weapons.

After shooting down 6 pirate ships,you’ll be done. Thank goodness.

Agent, that was excellent! Peg Leg Pete just doesn’t seem to learn his lesson.

-He never stood a chance.

ASDLFKJGLJ. Talk to Agent Scarlet again.

Agent, it’s Peg Leg Pete again with stronger ships! You might want to look at those upgrades.

That was amazing agent. Looks like Peg Leg Pete is no match for you!

-I’m starting to get the hang of this.

Is it just me or this this a never-ending mission? -_-

K I’m done.


Does someone know how to end this…?


10 thoughts on “Pirate Panic Mission Cheats/Walkthrough

  1. Bliss, i know how you end the mission. At first i was like “is something wrong with my account?” but then figured it out. You just keep playing until it stops. I think you have to play it like 3 or 4 times. Hope this helped! 🙂

    bliss~I played it a bunch of times and got frustrated so I stopped. xD

  2. Its not fair… I went on my friends’ accounts to earn stars and she’s a mem right? So then i found out this awesome cheat to skip ahead and earn the pirate panic award( it’s a board ) but it’s only for mems so when i tried it on my account, it said i needed membership… but heres the cheat anyways. 1. enter creature area and eat an apple. 2. exit creature area and go anywhere or just exit and do it there. 3. open your inventory. 4. press tab 13 or 18 times(probably 18 I think i forgot) and press enter. it doesn’t matter if there is no yellow box on the first 8 presses. 5. on the after you press enter, press tab again 16 times and press enter. 6. press tab then press enter. 7. press tab then press enter. 8. press tab then press enter. repeat step 6 until it says congratulations! here is your item for completing pirate panic. then x that unless you have ecoins and ur a non and you can only have the item if you bought it with ecoins or you are a mem. See this is why im hoping there’s some way to get to fantage japan. -_- Hope it helps if your a mem but im not so yeaa…

  3. Thx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

    This realy helped me
    if u see me plz add me my name is tisdale_ashley6 my fave hang out spot is trade ‘n’ sell

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