Fantage Blackout Event Help

So everything is dark on Fantage.

Light It Up

First, check out the Limited Items. You can buy at least candle one costume. Now you can go around Fantage and light yourself on fire. Yay! The candle has to match the color of your outfit.

You have to stand right below the candle.

If you get 10 of a color, you’ll receive a prize. Click Light It Up (below your stampbook) to see how you’re doing.

Here is where I found the white (non-member) candles: carnival (2), downtown, mt fantage, uptown, star cafe, super power shop, vintage classics, ottomans furniture, and the oasis.

I got this from lighting all the yellow candles:

You can play two mini games if you click on Michelle at Downtown.

Mini Game 1: Blackout Rescue! Cheats

You have to look at the screen, memorize it (the entire screen will be black), and move Static trying to pick up other characters along the way. After you pick the other character up, go towards the shop.

Mini Game 2: Where is Everyone? Cheats

Your mouse will act as a flashlight. Click to turn it on and try to find the Fantagians. Here is where the people are:

You’ll get the medal:



8 thoughts on “Fantage Blackout Event Help

  1. umm i kind of the blue candles so it wasnt so much a help on that but it helped on the othere stuff:(

    bliss~Sorry about that. I’m a non-member so I only went out looking for the yellow candles. They’re all over Fantage, though. I’m sure you can figure it out(:

  2. but when do you come on? 😛
    We can chat on sunday (my partayy day)

    bliss~I don’t really attend parties. I don’t plan when I’m going to be online. x3 The party was really early. o.O I didn’t know about it until it was too late (I was gone a few days).

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