Fantage Fireworks Carnival 2012 Cheats

You can click Gizmo (Uptown/Downtown) to view the movie.

Cyclone Cheats

You need to try to stop the lights by pressing the red button. Estimate when the lights will reach the big lights.

You’ll win stars and tickets.

Star Booth

Press the red button to start. Then try to grab the moving stars. The blue ones are worth extra points!

You’ll win stars and tickets based on how many/which type of stars you earned.

Ticket Stacker

You have to try and stack the tickets and get all the way to the top. So like the opposite of Tetris:P The tickets will start moving left and right, you’ll have to try and stop them with the red button. Try to stack them up all the way!

Bottle Knockdown

Use the red button to aim at the pins. Then click the red button again once the arrow is charged.

You’ll win tickets.

Ring The Bell

Try to click the red button when the purple balls are at MAX. Like this:

You’ll win tickets.

You can redeem your prizes at the ticket booth in exchange for tickets.

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10 thoughts on “Fantage Fireworks Carnival 2012 Cheats

  1. 2 questions: how do you get pictures of Fantage like that? And also, how long is the event? Please email back at my email, . Thx 🙂

    bliss~I take screenshots. And 7/3 – 7/10.

  2. Fantage needs to make some better parties 😛

    bliss~I don’t mind these… they’re easy to blog about(I can just write it up in ten minutes) and there’s free stuff:P

  3. I have a question. How do u make your banners? They’re so cute! 🙂 thxs!

    bliss~I use images from Fantage and edit them on Paint and Picnik.

  4. Thxs! I also have another question, how do you put stuff to your right of the site? I can only put my stuff in the center, not to the right. How do you add it on there? Thxs!

    bliss~Widgets. If your theme allows widgets, you can access them from your Dashboard. Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets.

  5. i want to be friends with you blisswirl but i dont know were to find you
    were are you

    bliss~If you ever see me on the chatbox/Fantage feel free to add me as a buddy(: I don’t go on at specific times or servers.

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