Fantage Summer Games 2012 Cheats

At Uptown/Downtown you can buy torch costumes. You’ll need to find the torches that match the color of your costume.

Mini Game 1: Hurdles

Ok so you control your avatar with a couple keys. You hold down the spacebar to run. And use the up arrow key to jump. Press it twice in a row to jump higher.

Mini Game 2: Discus Throw

You use the spacebar to build up the power. Once you’rewell-charged, try to aim the meter thing at the green part. Let go of the spacebar.

Mini Game 3: Swimming

You have to hold down the spacebar to swim. Release it when the bar goes down to red so you can breathe.


6 thoughts on “Fantage Summer Games 2012 Cheats

  1. hey this is soo cool can u do one of where to find alll the red torches?? that would help!cuz there is only a couple days left and i only found seven! i need the last three so i can get my prize!!! thanks!

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