Fantage Castle Adventure Event

If you log into Fantage, you can see that it’s gone medieval.

You’ll want to buy a Limited Item Dragon-Catching costume. You can buy these Uptown and at Downtown. 2,500 stars (or eCoins) for a costume. Every time you collect 10 dragons (of the same color as the robe you’re wearing), you’ll win a prize or stickers.

You can go the the new castle. It’s at the Forest. Wear a Premium Magical, Princess, or Knight costume to get a free prize. (It’ll be at the top of the Castle.)

Inside, there is a Main Room, a Terrace, and a Riddle Room.

If you go to the Riddle Room, you have to try and get to the King and Queen. You’ll have to go behind the columns when the statues are blowing. Right after they’re done, go hide behind the next columns. Keep doing this until you get to the far end of the room.

You can get up to two prizes.

Non-members will be able to get this:



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