New Fantage App: What’s That Word?

This seems like a fun game. ^_^ Free(;

I see that some of you have already invited me. I can’t download it, guys. D: My iPhone is running 4.0.0 still. xD

BUUUT, I will make a page so you guys can post your usernames and be able to add each other!(:

UPDATE! I made the page(: It’s called “Fantage Apps”. Feel free to post your username there for others to find you and play games with.

Other new stuff includes new furniture and homes.

Fantage is getting fancy.



6 thoughts on “New Fantage App: What’s That Word?

  1. Hey guys! Add me on what’s that word? My username is Sparkle5912! But mt iPhone 3GS is running low on battery πŸ˜› I’ll charge it it only has 10%….. But add me!

    -FantageNinjaCupcake (Sparkle5912)

  2. What’s that word is great but I want to learn some cheats and glitches where you could get as many ecoins for free without watching videos or paying.! [^.^]

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