Fantage Daily Quizzes Released!

Here’s some info on the daily quizzes:

Click on the Mini Quest icon to take a daily quiz. :P

Answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds. The more you answer correctly, the higher your score.

After you take the quiz, you’ll get a medal! :mrgreen:

You’ll also get 1 star for every question you answered correctly. ;)

There’s a graph so you can check your progress.



8 thoughts on “Fantage Daily Quizzes Released!

  1. Blisswhirl, no offense, but we already know this stuff. I followed your blog for cheats on Fantage, not random stuff that’s JUST SO DARN OBVIOUS!

    bliss~Hey hey now. This blog also has Fantage news and updates. Cphan and I work to keep you guys informed.

  2. I really like the daily quiz. Its a super easy way to level up. This is sort of a boring comment. Now its going to get fun 🙂 🙂 😦 😦 😛 😛 XD XD

    • I don’t think this post was that helpful, but I just thought it was better to post something than nothing at all. 🙂 This event was pretty simple in the first place.

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