Alas, the day has come. I thought I might be able to make this work, but it’s clearly not happening. Sorry, guys, but I’m not going to continue updating you guys on the happenings in Fantage. Yes, I’m quitting my blog.

…Maybe? I’ve been thinking about this and… what if this blog was kept alive? Like, I would hire other authors to update this blog and cphan would become an editor so she could moderate the comments. I wouldn’t be completely gone, I mean, I would still own this blog, the only thing that would change is the people updating. I don’t know if anyone’s up for it, though. Let me know if you’re interested.

Also, you guys will still be able to reach me. I’m quitting this blog, not the Internet. I have a Twitter, Tumblr, Fantage Forum, Skype, other blog, and email. Ask me if you’d like to know them.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever visited/commented on this blog. Thank you so much! It’s been a great four years.



43 thoughts on “Alas.

  1. I loved this blog!
    Wish you didn’t have to leave!

    bliss~I’m too busy and I’ve lost interest in this:/ This blog will still be alive – just not by me.

  2. Hey, bliss, can I help? My class has a whole group of girls who really love your blog, and we go on it every time there’s a new Fantage event. I have to admit that I’m not the world’s best blogger, see my website to see how it is, but I could totally spend some time working on it. All you have to do is show me how to be able to update stuff on it! I’ll help keep alive!

    bliss~I’ve already added a couple other authors, but thanks for offering and supporting this blog(:

  3. BLISSS!!!!!!! Is she still on? I’ll miss you sooooooo much but why do you have to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look, I’m sorry for being obnoxious but I wanna go into your footsteps and I wanted to be a blogger too. But what’s your email?

    bliss~Still here(: You can still do it. I have some simple information to help you out in my Computer Help/WordPress page. It’s

  4. Um…………….I commented on the same day you posted………… comment was only the 7th one………………………….the author thing…………………


  5. BLISS! ;O IT’S CHERRYY!!!!!!!!!! It’s been like, forever since i’ve talked to you. I was super bored and was just wondering if anyone ever updated their blog still, cause we all seemed to quit about t this time last year D: I’ll miss your bloggeh! I don’t go on fantage :I so i cant continue for you even if i wanted to badly >.diaz.farrell< and my like, screen name is PedroBear FireHazzard xD! Awesome name, eh? x3 kbaii c:

  6. 😦 Will you still play Fantage? If you still do, then can I add you as a buddy?

    bliss~I made you an editor(: You can now edit posts/pages/comments. Oh! And I made an Authors page with some directions/guidelines on it. I’ll email you the password. And, maybe. I don’t know, I’m quitting because I’ve lost interest in blogging about it (plus I’m super busy) buuut, I might go on once in a while, but not to update. I’ll still keep in touch with this blog(:

  7. Blisswirl I checked my email and the “thing” wasn’t There :(. I guess I’m not an author But I will Keep commenting And If it was a mistake PLEASE resend
    Thanks bye

  8. I know that I have already asked, but I’m kind of annoying like that.My fantage user is; Angieliema, and I can y’know, kind of tell what the new thing is about. I can’t take pics though, (:() but I would be happy to give info.Please miss, pick me!Thanks for reading this email!~Angielima Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2012 23:12:00 +0000 To:

  9. So, you’re still updating, but now Oh, okay. I’ll check out your other website. But it’s sad you aren’t going to update anymore…:'(

  10. Im gonna miss u!!!!! Ihve only been on this blog for maybe ayear and its been fab.. i wish u still update though but wtvs i guess this is my last time visiting this blog imma quite fantage 😦 well bye bliss

  11. haii bliss im actually emily im not sujre if u remember me… i wanna say thanks for making this blog! it really helped me do lots of stuff in fantage. i had stopped checking out this blog cuz i quite fantage. 🙂 well i decided to check things out here and im REALLY SURPRISED that u quite cuz i just LOVE this blog. so thanks again i hope we keep this blog alive can i be a author somethin? i have experiance from a blog i had before but i quite it cuz ppl werent comin on it… i went back to fantage last year again cuz it was tempting lol. i could post lots of stuff on facebook,twitter, and tell all my friends bout this blog so that u get more hits BUT most of all immma miss u!! hope u can answer this! bye! happy new year 14 days late ( – :

  12. Nvrmind i dnt wnt to quite! 🙂 ♥ i couldnt say bye to you well. Right now im lvl 84 in fantage non mem. Fantage is getting boring but i still play on the events so i can get lots of stuff. Otherwise i dont even play fantage at all

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