Wild Runner App Released!

I got it. :mrgreen: It’s kind of like Secret Adventure, but more awesome.

Here’s how you can transfer stars to get a free hat!

The easiest way to earn stars from this app is to watch videos. Just click on the star button on the app’s starting page. :P

The order you get the hats in is different for everyone. ;) Here’s what I got:


14 thoughts on “Wild Runner App Released!

  1. Cute!
    I tried to get the app but it’s not on Google Play is it?

    bliss~I don’t think so. Fantage first releases its apps on the App Store, then Google Play. Some of the older apps are still not on Google Play so it’s indefinite when this one will be available, too.

  2. I have that game and I transferred for two days and I got two hats. And the next day I didn’t get one, but I transfered that day? Do you know what happened?

  3. i transfered my stars once and so did the next day and i got 2 hats.
    But on the third day, i transferred my stars but i didnt get a hat. Is it because im a non?

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