Hi everyone, I’m one of the new editors on blissswirls blog and I have come from my other blog. Some of you light heard of it, Fantageville? Well this blog, my other one, and Cphan3’s are my main Fantage blog obsesses right now, so… yea. This is me:


So I was a bit lazy to take a screen shot, but don’t worry, not all of my pics are this bad! And I’m a pretty skilled and creative blogger and artist. And i know cphan from before, so yea! Thanks for reading! ~casey


6 thoughts on “Heyo!

  1. Eek! Hey Casey, good, it’s someone I know! You’re on both(well two would fit better) of the five favorite blogs I have! XDDD

    ~Gemma the awesome person you MIGHT know from Fantageville…

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