Hello, I’m Hollow72244

Hi, I’m Hollow72244,

Im one of the new authors here on Blisswirls Fantage Cheats. I love playing and I’m so excited to be working on Blisswirl’s Blog. I have my own Youtube Channel and of course, a Fantage Account. I wont be on Fantage today because my laptop isn’t working right now. The reason why my laptop doesnt work is because my brother press 1233 and he clicked settings>speed and sound>speed>10% so Fantage doesnt load that well now, im trying to figure out how to turn it back but its almost impossible.

Ill post my Youtube Channel, Email, etc. Later.

Thank you for reading!



5 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Hollow72244

  1. Hello hollow! I’d luv 2 meet u on fantage sometime, my username is bbmycat. Thank you for taking over for bliss- I am very greatful.

    Hollow~Hi bbmycat, thank you and i hope we can meet sometime too.

  2. datz cool 😉 can we be buddies on fantage ? My username ish carmela1161 owo
    ~wuvv u owo

    Hollow~ Hi AyahWuwzU, I’d love to be buddies on fantage, my username is hollow72244 I’m on servers with more people, but im less likely to go on White Seal

  3. Hi I’m in luuuuvvvvvv with fantage. i’d luv to meet u sometime on fantage.my username is cutie36731.plzzz add me in fantage sometime if we meet

    Hollow~ Hi Cutie36731, I’d like to meet in Fantage and be buddies too!

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