New Year, New News

Hey everyone, I’m Loutus, and I’m the new author, editor, for the blog!

I know its been pretty inactive for quite a while, but now we’re bringing it back to life! (Like Zombies, but I dont eat brains).So Bliss is still gone (sadness), but I sort of bumped into her on twitter and we sorted some things out.

I’ll keep this blog updated along with my personal fantage blog. Head on over to the “about me” page if you want to know more about me…. 🙂

Also, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys have a nice time and some very yummy dinners tonight! Honestly, I’m just sitting here in my room while my family is being really loud downstairs. They also made me write a “New Years Resolutions” list.

My New Years Resolutions:
– Get better with Photoshop
– Get good grades
– Learn to do some cooking

Ha ha I barely kept my resolutions from last year, but we’ll see.

I’d like to see your New Years resolutions! Comment them below!

Also, is anyone coming on Fantage tonight in about an hour to see the ball drop? Meet my buddies and I at White Seal, Castle bridge! (NYC time)

Thanks everyone! Liv it Up and Stay Crispy!




25 thoughts on “New Year, New News

  1. thx i really like ur website 2!! i wish we can email each other together alot. any way thx for replying !! 😀

    ³ªÀÇ iPad¿¡¼­ º¸³¿

    Dec 31, 2012 10:07 PM “blissswirl’s fantage cheats, glitches, tips, & walkthroughs” ÀÛ¼º:

    > >

  2. Hi loutus! U seem awesome!! Whats your fantage user?! And where did bliss go?

    bliss~I quit. I’m making a post with more information. I’ll post it later. Sorry for leaving kind of unexpectedly. :/

  3. My New Year’s Resolutions is to stop getting people to freak out, ask for my autograph, or ask to see if royal blood looks any different when they see me! LOL, it sounds so random!

  4. Thx for the new post up! Becuz I was almost considering unsubscribing here cuz u guys weren’t doing much new posts for fantage. But ok, thank goodness I didn’t unsubscribe cuz u got back on track. Yay!

    bliss~Thanks for sticking around! You’ll see some more posts up soon(:

  5. one question: ARe you gonna change the name of this blog?
    Sorry if im making too many questions! IM GONNA MISS YOU BLISS

  6. How often would you update this blog? and When can i meet you in Fantage?? i want to be your buddy!! since i never got to meet up with bliss on fantage 🙂 :p

    • whenever theres something new or just something i want to talk about! In fact, I should be making a new post either today or tomorrow so stay tuned! 🙂

  7. i kno a glitch 4 FREE clothes. it mite not wrk NEmore, cuz fantage fixes all this stuff. And, well, its awesome, and I got like, pretty much every premium outfit there was. unfortuneatly, the stuff doesnt save 2 ur inventory, so u can wear it once, and ONCE ONLY. 😦

  8. oh & firewaterice6 i think i saw u on fantage a couple of times. if thats ur username, then i think u kno who ur talkin’ to? Oh, and if thats really u, tell ur friend tammy 2 quit bothering me, & ill leaver her alone 2. Ha ha ha. BTW, i only cuss when im mad. So yeah, i was mad today when i saw ur friend TAMMY. bleh.

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