Fantage Leprechaun Chase!

Hey, its Loutus! Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Fantage has just released a new event called “The Leprechaun Chase!”

You can go around Fantage and find the clovers to enter into an Irish raffle where you could win 5,000 ecoins!

lofanflo stpat raffle 2013

Here are the locatons for the clovers:

1. In front of trade and sell (Uptown)

2. Out side the Hall of Fame (Uptown)

3. In front of the Super Power Shop (Downtown)

4. In front of the Stellar Salon (Downtown)

5. In front of the face painting place (Carnival)

6. In front of the Dance Club (Beach)

7. In front the Arcade (Carnival)

8. Near the helicopter (Mt. Fantage)

9. Castle Bridge, left

10. Castle Bridge, Right

11. Inside the castle near Mouse Out

12. In front of Staries (Wizard’s Domain)

13.  Near Lucky Bob’s (Forest)

14. In front of Creature shop (Creature Arena)

15. The Dock

16. Above Card Quest shop (Oasis)

17. To the right near the helicopter (Oasis)

18. Lighthouse on the far right

19. Near the beachball (Beach)

20. On top of the Pet Shop (Pet Town)

And you can always buy a clover for 20 ecoins if you want.

Some old recolored items….

lofanflo stpat items 2013

Fantage Mods will be selling some old St.Patty’s day items at the Trade and Sell. Get them before theyre gone!

lofanflo stpat tradeandsell items 2013

Oh, and remember to wear green (?) Well, in grade school we’d have this thing where if you dont wear green, you get pinched. idk why, but it is quite painful. so yes, do wear green.

Liv it Up and Stay Crispy!



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