Fantage Mother’s Day 2013

Long time no see! It’s bliss(:


As usual, you will be able to buy Limited Items.

Magic Codes are 30% off! Get ’em while they’re hot.

You can buy the flower-catching costumes Uptown and Downtown.


You can find the flowers at the Castle and The Forest.


The grandma lady is going to ask you to show her pets. Premium Members only.


Under your MiniQuests, you’ll see a couple new buttons appear. They show you the prizes:

T prizes for showing grandma around:


And the prizes for collecting 10 flowers with the corresponding outfit:


You can also find Zack for a medal! Premium members only, as you have to be walking your pet.

findzack foundzack

His position changes every 15 minutes so be on the look-out!


P.S. Theatre? Ok I’m starting to like this Zack character. I have no idea who he is but as a fellow actor I have to say: respect, man. Oh and my money’s on the theatre being right next to Top Models, Inc. OMG, I wonder what games will be in the theatre? Ok, I’m done asking questions, but you can ask me some!


5 thoughts on “Fantage Mother’s Day 2013

  1. Hey it says… Make a coupon for your mom…. where is that???

    bliss~I believe it’s the Mother’s Day Card. You can find a little sign Uptown near the Hall of Fame.

  2. I cant believe your back! Welcome again! OMG when heard about this theatre thing i was so pumped! i really think it might be around the carnival… maybe downtown? lol. One question, is Loutus still going to be an author or has everything just completely changed??

    bliss~Loutus is still an author. And thank you(:

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