Fantage Starry Nights Prom 2013 Guide

Fantage’s Starry Nights Prom 2013 has just been released! Here’s more info:


Downtown, you can vote for Kawaii’s prom date. Who do you think she should go with?


Ok I can’t be the only one who finds Michael and Static’s hair looks really snazzy in an awkward way?

Well, anyways. The bear will bribe you. Not even kidding.


They all will. The fellas are competing for Kawaii’s companionship. WHO. WILL. GET. THE. ROSE? Wait, this isn’t The Bachelor.



Idk man, I say support four-legged one and vote for Cody I mean loOK AT THAT GLORIOUS CAPE.

And really, Michael? Did you even try?

You can buy dancing costumes:

dancecostumesCatch the limo downtown:


And head on over to the beach/dance floor to cut up a rug with yo’ frenzz.


Me, cutting the rug.



10 thoughts on “Fantage Starry Nights Prom 2013 Guide

  1. Wow…..Zack was dating Michelle , there was no mention of them he want breaking up , and now he wants to take Kawaii to the prom. Fantage is becoming weird these days. AND look at this:
    Dr. Finkelstein ‏@NotFinkelstein 13 May
    @FantageMichael I can lend you a robotic date if you *really* need. Not everyone has good looks & a cunning intellect like I do. Mwhahaha!!!

    (From So , they’ve probably broken up….

    bliss~I was thinking about that… THEY’RE CARTOONS. Fantage is getting real up in here. OooOoOh Fantage relationship drama. But seriously, though. Zack and Michelle are a thing? Michael(or was it Static?) and Stella were together, too… Cody’s married to justice (like Batman), and Static (or Michael I forgot which was with Stella idk.

  2. I am voting for static (i really like the hair)

    bliss~I’d vote for that, too but the thing is then everyone wold look the same. Everyone wouldbe wearing the same head so it’d be kinda weird. The cape is better, in my opinion, because you can wear it and still look different from everyone else. We’ll find out soon!

  3. The Bachelor LOL THAT SHOW IS SO LAME

    bliss~I don’t even watch it omg the internet teaches you so many things.

  4. LOL Michael xDDD
    I really wanted Zack to win (even though he’s with Michelle and trying to with Kawaii just because she’s sick xP) ’cause that’s a really cool guitar. Everyone wanted Static because it was a cool hair and I knew it would get boring (for me it already did xP)
    Blehh I wanna add you on fantage (was thin_ice95 your buddy before? I have no idea anymore o O)

    bliss~I wanted Cody to win. :/ Now we’ll never get that awesome cape. And I think so?

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