Fantage Summer Picnic Bash 2013 Guide

Fantage’s Summer Picnic Bash was released yesterday! Sorry I’m a day late. D: /flyingpigcrap Still trying to get back into my old blogging habits. It’s been a while, y’know?

Well, this event features a picnic hunt, balloon toss, burger flip, ice cream, and of course, limited items!



Ice Cream Truck

Find it Downtown for a free item!


The Burger Flip/Balloon Toss

Under your MiniQuest bar, you can easily find The Burger Flip and Balloon Toss.


Picnic Hunt

The picnic hunt locations are all over Fantage! Find the baskets to receive these prizes:


They’ll look like this:


Some are for premium members only and you can distinguish them by the star on top.

~bliss – Stay tuned for more info! I’ll be updating this post.

Comment any thoughts!

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