New Mysterious Island on Fantage!

Oooooh. I logged into Fantage today and saw this:


I was out to investigate more on this matter and when I went to the beach, I found out you can look through a telescope:


After more sleuthing:

hotornot newsecretareas spa waterslide


  • Coming June 13th, 2013
  • It’s an island
  • New Secret Areas
  • “Hot or Not” Fashion Thing (Judging?)
  • Waterslide
  • Spa

If any of you guys find any other clues, be sure to share! Just leave any more hints down in the comment section. Fantage is keeping its lips sealed tight on this, but maybe we can figure it out sooner than planned!



12 thoughts on “New Mysterious Island on Fantage!

  1. HI Bliss
    I went on fantage and discovered some blueprints for the island.
    I’m really sorry; I don’t have a screen cam. But they’re planning on something big…I think it’s like a mall, or a funpark?…

    • i logged on today and nothing happens
      i cants get to the island

      bliss~Fantage put it up at 12am. They’re taking a while to load things on lately.

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