Mysterious Island Revelealed in Fantage!

The mystery has been unraveled! This mysterious island is apparently “The Island”. Very blunt, Fantage.

If you go Downtown, you can see a comic that explains it all and be able to vote on the Hot or Not game ( also on the island).


Hot or Not

You can also vote Downtown on the Hot or Not activity game thing.


You get 10 stars for voting 10 times.

A Piece of Fantage

You can buy the Explorer Costume on the island. You’ll need it for this activity.



Slide ‘n’ Splash Resort

Coming soon! This is where the waterslide action will go on.


Island Spa

Coming soon! I knew it would be a spa:P


Fashion Shows on the Beach

Walk to the right and you’ll see the new modeling building.


~bliss P.S. I’m drinking hot chocolate as I post this. It’s a pretty good birthday.


11 thoughts on “Mysterious Island Revelealed in Fantage!

  1. why cant u tell us where the items r located

    bliss~I believe they’re randomized. But if it helps, I found one in the carnival and another at the lighthouse.

  2. Where can you find the fishfood on the explorer outfit? Please help

    bliss~I honestly don’t know:( Loads of people are having the same difficulty.

  3. Your birthday is June 14??? Seriously? Mine is on the same day. 😛

    bliss~Happy belated birthday, my twin!

  4. i just found out where the fish food is by asking someone its in the pet shop in pet town 😀

    bliss~No wonder I couldn’t find it! Fantage never puts things in shops anymore:P I assumed it would be in larger locations. x3 Thank you!

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