Fireworks Festival in Fantage Guide!


Firework Crafting Cheats

When you talk to Zack, he’ll want you to go on a scavenger hunt and find items.


The locations are Fantage School, Oasis, Carnival, and Pet Town.



Your prize will be a pretty cool board, if I do say so myself. (Five bucks says Fantage will edit these later. They look a bit crude to me.)


Fireworks Stuff



You can also vote to see your favorite firework! You’ll get a star each time you vote. I voted for the blue one:P


Colorsplosion Game

It’s kind of like a reverse dancedancerevolution game.

colorsplosion colorsplosiongame



3 thoughts on “Fireworks Festival in Fantage Guide!

  1. I think its fun for some people but not for all tell me what you think of me quiteing fantage

    bliss~If you really are just bored with the game and no longer want to play it then sure yeah you can quit. But if you still find the game enjoyable you can keep playing. Whatever works for you.

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