Anyone out there?

Well hi. It’s been a couple years since I last posted here and so much has happened in my life I couldn’t even begin to explain it all. I checked my stats and I still get tens of views every day? That’s bonkers. I haven’t logged into Fantage in a while but I was just checking back to see who would see this. What are y’all up to? Do you guys still go on this website for Fantage help? Or is everything already mega outdated lmao. Do you guys even remember me; I have over 1,000 e-mail subscribers I wonder if anyone will see this in their inbox. Well anywho some stuff I’ve been up to is going through junior/senior year of high school, going to rehearsals/being in shows, graduating, working, moving out, dear lordt a lot has happened. I just turned 19 last week!! I gave you guys social media to keep up with me but I ended up abandoning those accounts (sorry about that…) If you guys still care, here are my new social media profiles that are very frequently updated.

Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / YouTube


P.S. If I were to make a YouTube would you guys subscribe?

Will anyone even see this? Guess I’ll find out.

P.P.S. If anyone is out there, what kind of content would you like to see? If at all? d:


12 thoughts on “Anyone out there?

  1. Ahah, it’s been a long time! Glad to see you’re doing well, i haven’t been on fantage for a long time either but i definitely remember your blog! ^.^ If you made youtube videos, i would watch em – You should do whatever you want to do!

  2. oh myy long time no see!! and same i don’t go on fantage either. I’d subsribe to your YouTube channel if you did make one

  3. Woah it’s been long! I’d like to wish you best in the future because you started my blog for fantage (which no loner remains) but I really thank you for the inspiration. You really did make a difference in my life as stupid as it sounds. Thank you again. If you had a channel I would totally subscribe to so go for it! Thanks for the last time and good luck.

  4. wow haven’t been on fantage in forever and seeing this in my inbox really gave me a sense of nostalgia. I would totally subscribe to a YouTube channel if you created one!

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