New stuff! + Reintroduction

New Stuff

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to go back to blogging. Obviously not about a kids’ virtual world posting “cheats” (sorry!). I’ve decided to transform this blog into a personal one where I will write about different things I’m not really sure what but when an idea strikes I hope to jot it down and work on it and publish it on here! Things to come will be work stories (I’ve had PLENTY of jobs…), cat pictures, music suggestions, recipes, humor, weird stories, questions & answers, memories, poems, how-to’s, possibly videos? If anyone wants to see anything in particular I suffer from chronic writer’s block and am always in need of new prompts/always looking for something new to write about! Help a sister out lol.

Old Content

This used to be a blog about Dizzywood, “randomness” for a while, then Fantage so my viewers knew me as an 11 – 16 (?) year old writing about online games 99% of the time. Well, I’m a bit older now so my topics will be very different from the previous years’. This blog will be undergoing a makeover as well so please excuse the mess I’ll try to keep it as organized as possible. The Fantage stuff, all my gaming pages/posts will stay up. Idk if anyone reads them still/if they’re even useful of relevant anymore but I wouldn’t want to delete a part of my childhood.

Before I start posting new content, however, I feel the need to “re-introduce” myself. So hey there! My real name is Jessika and I am 19 years old (yowza). Obviously I’ve changed over the years so here’s a quick run-down:

About Me

Name: Jessika Age: Just turned 19! Location: Michigan, USA

Here is a current picture of me:

2016-01-29 15.44.48

i love shrek

Occupation: Working at a Forever21/Steak n Shake

Life Goals: Act for a living

Describing myself in 7 words: Short, explicit, vegetarian, funny, odd, memer, eyeliner.

What’s your style? Casual, usually darker colors. Always wearing either converse or boots.

Favorite movie: Shrek

Favorite Artist: Andrew McMahon (I’m seeing him in concert this year !!)

Any pets? Yes! I have a guinea pig (4yrs old) and a cat (10mo? I think).

If you guys wanna know anything else just ask(: I’m excited to start this blog and hopefully it’ll get somewhere. x)


twitter | insta | tumblr | youtube

P.S. Check out my new page! I’ve added a new/updated “About Me” and am working on making others. Ideas are very welcome!

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