Pokémon Go! + What I’ve Learned

Hey! I’m sure I’m not the only one here who plays Pokémon Go. I don’t know the stats exactly but apparently it’s already more popular than Tinder and has almost as many (if not already) downloads/users as Twitter. At level 5 you can join a team and battle in Poké gyms. Team Yellow (Instinct), Blue (Mystic), and Red (Valor). I personally chose the latter.

I joined 7/7/16 and I chose Squirtle as my starter; that was before the Pikachu-as-your-starter trick was well-known (just keep walking away from your three options and Pikachu will show up). Well I got ADDICTED and even spent 7+ hours right after I got out of working walking around a large city looking for Pokémon. I hatched around 4 eggs that day and lmao I looked like such a nerd. I was very strategic about it I had my phone connected to my portable charger which was in my lil backpack with only the cable sticking out. Every time I got in my car to drive to a new location I would use the car charger and since I have two phones (one only works with Wi-Fi) I would use the Wi-Fi only one to walk around stores and catch Pokémon there so meanwhile my data phone would be charging. The closest I got to a dead battery was 1%. I was out of Poké balls by the end of the night so I had to call it a day.

What I’ve Learned

I learned to catch every Pokémon I see for the XP/stardust/candy then get rid of the lower level ones for the candy so I can evolve/power up the toughest Pokémon that uses that candy. I also save my Lucky Eggs for when I decide to evolve multiple Pokémon/catch Pokémon at Poké stops that have lures/actually use the Poké stops that way I double my XP and level up. What have you guys learned? Any tips/tricks? It seems everyone learns something new every day from playing it i.e. the newest thing is naming your Eevee so that it evolves into what you want it to be. I just need Vaporeon…

My Pokémon!

I’m not gonna bother showing off my copious amounts of Weedles/Rattatas. The area I’m in is FULL of those with Drowzees, Caterpies, and Eevees being next. Anywho here are my best Pokémon to date. I’m not going anywhere near a gym again until I’m in the 1000s lmao. Though even if you lose it is a good way to gain XP.


Still got a ways to go but playing this game is great exercise and I’ve walked into businesses I would’ve otherwise never gone in. I spontaneously got myself some great breadsticks at a small local restaurant I’d never been in and lemme tell you I love breadsticks. Mmm.

If you guys want to feel free to share your Pokémon! Which Pokémon are around you?

Comment any thoughts!

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