All About My Cat; Meet Milky!

I moved out of my parents’ home late last year and moved into an apartment with my best friend. We had a lot of ideas of what we wanted to do. No longer being under our parents’ roofs we had this new sense of freedom. All my life I’ve always wanted a pet – a furry critter. I had an aquarium but you can’t really pet fish or interact with them much. I barely convinced my parents to get me a guinea pig at age fifteen but even then it’s not like she was potty trained and could wander the home freely and her personality was made up of purrs when being pet and sleeping on my chest with the occasional laps around her spacious cage late at night. Well I expressed my desire for a cat or dog and my roommate said it might be possible. She had had a great allergy to fur as a child so she had to find out if she still had it. Depending on whether or not she still suffered from it, we would then see about getting an animal.

We both worked at the same place at the time – me on second shift (3pm-11pm), her on third (11pm-7am). So she would enter work as I was exiting and we would sometimes cross paths. One of these nights she came up to me as I was leaving and said, “Hey I think I left the stove on, can you turn it off?” Annoyed but not showing it I said sure and left. I sped home then got to the kitchen. The stove wasn’t on and neither was the oven. At this point I was angry. She made me rush home for nothing. It was around this time in my life that I spent time sometimes hours after work just hanging out in random parking lots doing nothing. Then I realized there was something on the kitchen floor; something my eyes had completely skimmed over in the rush I was in to avoid a fire or gas leak in our apartment. On the floor was a blanket covering what looked to be a cage. When I removed the blanket lo and behold there sat the most adorable little kitty I had ever seen before in my life. Its eyes were wide open and looking at me curiously. I fell to the kitchen floor and immediately started crying I couldn’t even bring myself to pet it for the first couple minutes because I was just freaking out to my best friend and another good friend on Messenger about what I had just discovered.


My best friend/roommate had adopted him from the Humane Society and his original name was Melvin. He had a crusty nose and when I read the note she had left on his cage it said he needed medicine because he had the equivalent of a human cold. He was sniffly and sneezed multiple times and little blood droplets would come out. I kept cleaning his nose (and the kitchen floor). After a few days his medicine ran out but he was already doing much better and he’s now a healthy adult cat. ((+: My roommate and I tossed idea names around until we agreed on Milky Way. He loves to lounge on his cat tree and on my fluffiest blanket. He sleeps with me on my bed despite having his own cool little shark one. He plays fetch?? No one taught him how to he just does. He’ll bring a toy over and we’ll throw it and he’ll bring it back to us wanting to play some more. I’ll fall asleep playing fetch with him and wake up with his favorite fetch toy near my head. The lil &*%$#@ will climb up into the basement’s ceiling. As I was typing this he was behind my laptop napping and grooming himself.

Here’s my fav pic of us together.Milky and Me

I’m still figuring out this personal blog. Coming up with writing topics/my voice has always been a struggle but I’ll try not to let this blog completely die. Big thank you to anyone who reads these. :+))


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