The Dangers of Working at a Mall

From my Reintroduction post I told you guys I worked at a mall. I work at one of the fastest-growing retail stores yada yada… Well unfortunately for my part-time pay, I spend non-working hours there giving money to the stores. There are two main guilty categories that always lure both me and my wallet in. So the money I make at the mall I end up giving back… for very cute clothes and tasty treats.

1. The Clothes

Packing for a trip I found my most recent shopping bag (pictured below, minus one romper). Other items I’ve bought are work [restaurant] shirts, jeans, athleticwear (running pants and sports bras), socks, and earrings. My motto is if it’s cute and cheap it’s mine. I love a good sale and it seems every store at this mall does also.

The Food

I have consumed many smoothies during my lunch break (I had to ask for a punch card) and a goal I’m not proud of is to have sampled every smoothie offered…very unfortunate for my bank account. I sometimes get my favorite Taco Bell item – the cheesy bean and rice burrito which ends up slathered in Fire sauce. I use around 7 packets each time; I I really like my hot sauce. One of the Chinese restaurants has vegetarian-friendly cheese wontons (no crab meat) so every once in a while I’ll  get an order. Three for a dollar? Sounds good to me. Whenever I want a sweet treat I’ll stop by Subway and get two cookies – one chocolate chip and one m&m and choc chip.

RIP my wallet.

Bonus: The Pokémon

Okay this one isn’t a money-snatcher but it has consumed a lot of my time. My mall has like seven Pokéstops in it plus it’s weatherproof (it’s an indoor mall) so a lot of people will come by just to hatch their eggs, get items, and catch Pokémon. Air conditioned with food available, it’s a pretty swell place to Pokéhunt. I’ll walk around both floors multiple times getting every Pokéstop and Pokémon I see, putting kilometers towards my eggs. The danger here is losing time that I should be putting towards productive things. Like that gym membership I keep postponing.

Well that’s all, folks.


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