YouTube Channel!

Hey guys! My camera just arrived and while I have some ideas on what to film I’m also curious to know what you guys would like to see. I definitely have more inspiration for videos than blog posts. It’s easier for me to start rambling on-camera than it is to type it out and video is a medium I’ve always had a soft spot for. While I was big into writing in high school (news editor for the school paper) I was also a part of the broadcasting team and I was set to major in film production before I dropped out. Ha ha ha…

So what would you guys like to see? Anything in particular you would like to pitch? You guys are gonna be the ones to watch it so I don’t wanna just post stuff that only interests me and miss out on cool ideas I’m too unoriginal to think up.

I don’t have any videos yet my work life has been hectic but I bought a nice-ass camera that finally came in and have a free day coming up (this Sunday) which I want to use to film/edit so I can have my channel started up asap!

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any feedback!

P.S. Have you guys heard about the new YouTube crackdown? Videos with vulgar language/sensitive themes/drug-related/etc. won’t be able to be monetized. That really sucks for those who use it to make a living having to adhere to the above rules. Unless you’re that lady who reviews kids’ toys you’re in a boatload of trouble. I’m a lil nobody so imma be myself and cuss like a sailor. 👽

P.P.S. I’m still working on the channel header I hope to snazz it up but I have a make-do one right now and this is the channel where I’ll be posting: YouTube. I think I linked it right…


Comment any thoughts!

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