The Mad Scientist Mission

The Mad Scientist Mission Walkthrough ~ Fantage Cheats

Ok, go to Uptown and way to the right near the basketball court click the pole. Then click the “Missions” button on the top-right. Talk to the people, accept the mission. It’ll be raining now.

Go to the Lighthouse.

Get caught by the robots and then thrown out.

Go back to the Mission Center and click the lady. Talk and answer correctly.

Talk to her again.

Search for the armor(zoom and click pieces).Use the sectors to help(A2, C1, etc.)

First piece is when you just got there and click the + zoom button.

Second Piece

Third Piece

Fourth Piece

Fifth Piece

Oh crap, I think I forgot another one…well you can find it. πŸ˜‰

Talk to the agent lady. Talk again.

Go back to the Lighthouse. Play against all the robots and beat them. Whip ’em!!

At the end you’ll go against the Weather Machine click the cards that are the opposite the robot is choosing.

After that its animated and you win the medal!!(Unless you’re a member you can’t see it)

Ok, you have to admit this looked pretty funny.

The dude just kept spinning…


17 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist Mission

    Lol it looks like Scarlett is biting his hair ROFL
    I will tell u my Password on ur mEEBO Can u do it for me I am stuck on defeating the Weather-Bot and it is really hard! I will tell u my password only if u accept πŸ™‚
    bliss~Yeah I can do it for you it’s actually fun fighting robots. Yup just meebo me I promise I won’t do anything else but fight evil robots xP

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