Chat Page

here u can talk about whatever just don’t use any innapropriate language thx! <(^.^)>

here u can ask me questions or just chat i’m thinking of adding a xat-thingy

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This is a Kids’ Game Cheat Site, therefore, profanity and/or inappropriate content will not be tolerated and will result in permanent ban. Rules below.




511 thoughts on “Chat Page

  1. Hi bliss I relay would like you to be my friend on fantage but since you don’t play i am sad but your site gives really good hints

    bliss~I’m glad it helps(:

  2. I found an awesome way to scam when they say brb say I got you a gift then you ask for one then they give it to you and then I say look in your furnitures and they say hey you never gave me a gift then is a
    Say I did that on purpose then you delete them or if it’s not ur buddy go to a diffrent server right away and make sure to hide your user name at ALL TIMES

  3. bliss did you online this week? Because I just want to ask you if you are updated about the “free membership”, for all fantagians that are registered, in Fantage. And it’s only for this week.

    • And there’s also a concert in the “VIP Lounge”. 8 pm – 12 am daily. It’s for the Anniversary Month of Fantage. There’s also other activities that are coming soon.

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