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This page is to help all of you who have questions or need help on computer and WordPress stuff. (Ex.How do I upload pics into my posts? How do I add a Mixpod into my blog? How do I “install” a Gravatar? How do I take Screenshots?) Oh, and have you noticed? I started actually capatilizing my words, sentences, and phrases, I just like how it looks more proper. :mrgreen:

How to take a CLEAR screenshot

  1. Go to where you want to take a pic(virtual world, page)

2. Hold down ctrl + print screen(on a comp) on a laptop: fn + prt sc

3. Open Paint

4. Go to Edit, then click Paste

5. You should see your picture.

6. Now click the little outlined rectangle[under Edit] and drag it over the section of the picture you want

7. Now right click on the selected area and click Crop

8. Your picture should have been moved to the upper-left corner and surrounded by gray area, that’s good

9. Now go to File>Save as and make sure to save it as .PNG

10. Now you can use/upload it anywhere you want

NOTE: If your computer is running on Windows 7, you can save yourself the hassle and just use the snipping tool. It also automatically saves your screenshots as .png. Awesome, right?

i hope that helps!

How to “insert” a Mixpod into your Sidebars

1.sign into your mixpod account
2.make a playlist it
4.after that you get an option to post your mixpod “other sites”(to the left) “more”(to the right) on wordpress
8.write down your wordpress info
9.(it’ll get published)
10.sign into your wordpress account
11.go to “posts” “edit” on the most recent post “HTML”(to the right of visual)
14.copy all the html(the code that shows up)
15.go to “widgets”
16.add a “Text” widget
17.paste the HTML into the widget the widget
19. it should be published!

hope this helps!

NOTE: This may not work anymore. Lots of users have been unable to insert a Mixpod.

How to Input Pics and Media:
1. Go to the post/page that u want to add the media to
2. After you know where you want to put the media in, near the top, below the title, it says “Add Media”
3. Something will pop up, click Upload Files (directly under Insert Media, to the left), then Select Files and choose the media u want to put in, upload it
4. After it’s loaded, look to the bottom right of the pop-up and click Insert Into Post.

Hope this helps!

How to Hyperlink [add links on] Words On Posts:

1.Log in

2.Go to the post/page you want to add the hyperlink in.

3.Highlight the word you want to add a link to

4.To the right of the page alignments (under Add Contact Form), there are pictures of chains(they should come out after you highlight any word)

5.Click the linked chain(not the broken one – that’s to take away links) shown below:                                                          

6.Insert the URL(website) you want the viewers to be transported to if clicked

7.Click Insert

You’re done!!(oh, yeah you might want to post or update the post/page)

Extra: When you are inserting the link you want your viewers to be brought to, if you don’t want them to leave your site, where it says “target” change it to “Open link in a new window”

How to “get” a Gravatar

1.Log into your WordPress account

2.Go to My Account(to the upper-left), then scroll down to Edit Profile

3.To your right, you’ll see your current Gravatar

4.To change it, click “Change your Gravatar”

5.Upload your pic

6.Crop your picture(the square with more color will show what your Gravatar will look like

7.Choose a rating(I’m assuming they’ll be appropriate so choose G-general audiences)

8.It should tell you to exit

^ this might not be very accurate cuz i wrote this all from memory(gravatar) and it might take a few min., hours or days ’till your gravatar shows up

How to Add a Xat Chat Box
1) Go find anyone else’s Chat box
2) Click Get a Chat box two times, first on the bottom right hand corner then top left
3) Click WordPress (first button)
4) Type in the info
5) Go to your blog
6) View you newest post (Dashboard >> Posts >> All posts)
7) Go to your newest post
8) Go to html
9) Copy the html, then go to widgets and put it as a text widget.
10) play around with the width to get it to fit your sidebar, if you’re putting it on your sidebar. (in the html it should say something like “height=***; width=***” Make the numbers bigger or smaller. Play around.)
A LOT of steps :)
~* Eli *~

How to Make a Sticky Post

(a post that stays at the top of your homepage; some themes will feature it)

1. Make the post.

2. Go to your Dashboard > Posts.

3. Hover over the post you want sticky-ed.

4. Click Quick Edit on the post.

5. Way over to the right, you’ll see ☐ Make this post sticky

6. Check it then Update. Voila!

How to Add Clickable Images for Your Sidebar

-like the “free eCoins” ad on the left of my blog-

1. Make the image. I made mine on Paint lol.

2. Upload it to an online image server. Anywhere where you can get an HTML form of it; I like to use Photobucket. Hover over your image in Photobucket. Copy the HTML.


3. Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets. Add or edit a Text widget. Paste the HTML code.

4. Edit the link. It’ll be the FIRST “a href” code thing. DO NOT EDIT THE 2ND ONE. That’s the one that grabs your image.

change it to a hyperlink - make it link to your page or post or whatever
<a href=">

Notice how the link was changed from Photobucket to my post? Save it and you’re done! Check to make sure you hyperlinked it correctly and goes to the correct destination.

The reason why these instructions look weird(some bold) is ‘cuz these are from comments in which i helped other people. (edited it, now fixed)And……

I Hope this Helps!!

I know, I say that a lot :mrgreen:


106 thoughts on “Computer Help/Wordpress

  1. i have a question and i didnt know what category to put it under- how come I can’t get very many ecoins?

    bliss~What do you mean? You can always get more through your IDFone (20 at a time) and Fantage apps (10 – 200). Fantage doesn’t let you get hundreds or thousands at a time for free. They want you to buy the eCoins so they can make money.

  2. Where is html for the chat box thingy

    bliss~You have to try to post it to your WordPress blog. Then click Edit on the post. Then switch over to the HTML tab. Bingo! Copy + paste that or make the post sticky.

  3. Hey bliss :3
    I’m a really big fan of your blog.
    All I want to ask if how do you make a scroll down (like the Dizzywood Pages page)? Is there html you can give me? Or a link where it teaches you? Somehow the internet isn’t understanding what I’m trying to ask them.
    And also, how do you put a profile? Like where it has your gravatar picture and it says “hi im bliss”?
    Please reply back! I need help on my blog! 🙂 Thanks so much.

    bliss~Answering so late… Anywho, for the page thing it’s called a parent page. When you’re editing a page you’ll see different options above the Update Page thing. Start editing the smaller page and make the big page the parent page. Gravatars come with your WP account. Go to and you’ll be able to edit it.

  4. hey bliss i have a question! how do u add pics to your blog without copywrite?

    bliss~They’re pictures YOU took. Or add a source link and state that they aren’t yours/give credit to the original owner.

  5. Oh, yeah…sorry if I’m being annoying. But umm, one more thing? Do you know how to add a MixPod to your blog? Because I read your “how to add a MixPod onto your blog” but now, wordpress doesn’t have the other sites button. Any way to fix that? Thanks!

    bliss~Nope, sorry. I can’t help you there. D: I tried to figure a new way out to add a Mixpod, but couldn’t find how. >.<

  6. Oh….thanks anyways 🙂 Aww man…should’ve kept my old MixPod from my blog so I would have one 😦 I didn’t know so I deleted it because it looked weird. So if you have an old MixPod on your site, it still works?

    bliss~Maybe, if you saved the code. Try it?

  7. Hey bliss, i have a question. How do you add widgets to the left sidebar on your website? wenever i add mine they always go on the right >.<

    bliss~It depends on your theme. To have both a left AND right sidebar, search up in the themes gallery “three-column”.

  8. How do you delete a blog and how do you add catagories

    bliss~To delete a blog, you go to your Dashboard>Tools>Delete Blog. And to add categories, edit your post/page, then to the right find the Category widget. Click +add a new category.

  9. Hey bliss 😀
    Can you tell me how to make a scroll-down of categories like your “Dizzywood Pages”? Thanks! :3

    bliss~That comes with certain themes. To make it happen, you have to go to the pages you want in the drop down list, click Edit, then to the right where it says parent choose the primary page (the one you want to show up). Sorry if it’s a little confusing.

  10. I thought your theme was oxygen. It says so on the bottom….

    Sorry I haven’t been on your blog for a bit. I’m really busy because on Mondays, after I get home I have to do my homework, eat dinner, go to piano, go upstairs to cello, have music theory, and come back home, do some Chinese homework, be exhausted. On others its the practicing. I hate my extra six stuff. But I also like it 🙂 luckily I’ll be on again.

  11. How can you get rid of the theme?
    And are pages and catagories like the same?

    bliss~Go to Dashboard>Appearance>Themes. There you can Activate one you like. It’ll replace the original one. No, pages and categories are separate. Pages will show up on the theme. Categories are just organize things. They’ll show up in some posts (like on the bottom in small text) or in some widgets.

  12. how do you change the colours of ur words??

    bliss~When making a post, you can see a big A with a gray box under it. Click it and a color box will pop up. Select the color you want and type away!

  13. How to make a follower an author: Sign into ur wordpress and then go to the dashboard. go 2 users and invite new. enter ur friends wordpress email or username and change their position from follower to idk author/ editor / admin. Whatever u want them 2 be. then u can um, customize an invitation & it will send an email to them…and then just click the link and BAM theyre an author. I don’t really remember but I think the person u send it 2 has 2 approve the er, invitation or something… This is a random post. lol. xD

  14. It Wont Let Me Sell In The Trade n Sell and im Not Premium Member. Why wont it ???

    bliss~Because you’re not a premium member.

  15. hey bliss! I tried your repixelation instructions and it totally worked! I love it! But im not sure how to copy and paste it into a comment or something. Dou know how? if u do please write back to me

    bliss~Copy & paste it into a comment? Just upload it to like img server or Photobucket and paste the HTML here.

  16. How do you make your posts colorful? It seems like it’s such a big deal/secret when I ask everyone else that owns a WordPress blog. I’ve wanted to know since when I just started blogging and it seems really fun. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to make my posts colorful from searching it to copying and pasting. NOTHING works…Hope you can help 🙂

    bliss~When you’re editing a post/page look for the A in the toolbar that has a gray line under it. Highlight your text then click on that button and a color palette will show up. Just pick your color(:

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