Contest Winner


Won my “Trick Questions” contest.


Won my Repixel Contest


Won my Song Story Contest



Won my Picture Puzzle Contest


Won my ‘Quick Contest’ Picture Message contest.


Won my 2000th Comment contest.


*No photo available*

Won my Riddle Contest #2.


Won my Repixel Contest #2


Won my Halloween Picture contest.


Won my Scavenger Hunt contest.


25 thoughts on “Contest Winner

    • To enter contests you have to go to the contest page. There it’ll say the current contest and if you can still enter. Right now a contest is in voting so you can’t enter the repixel one.

  1. Haha I am the only Dizzywood one-Who agrees with this-
    DW Makes better Hairstyles and all but Games are BOOORRRING!
    Fantage-Has AWESOME gamez so Fantage is better 😉

    bliss~lol. i liked how you could change the hair and color on Dizzywood.

  2. YAY im on there thx bliss!
    and do u want me to send u a photo of me?
    (in fantage of course)

    bliss~Lol yup you can send me a picture of your Fantagian if you want it to be put up here.

  3. Yay! I’m up there! Bliss, I want my Fantagian picture up there, but idk how to. Can I email my user and pass to you?

    bliss~For that to happen, I’d need a picture of your Fantagian. You can just take a picture and post it on your blog and I’ll take it:P Or you can send me your user/pass through email: fudgyswirl(@) (no parenthesis). I can’t find my email’s password, though. :/

  4. o.O I’ll email u but I’ll try to take a screenshot, AFTER it’s banned, because I logged on this morning, and it said it was banned 😦 . But I’ll be back in 2 hours. 🙂

    bliss~Use my meebo. I haven’t found my email password. D;

  5. Hey Blissswirl, It’s me Pinkstardust. Your website is very-interesting, btw-by the way did you ask permission be4 you made this page?

    P.S: If you want my account-( anybody ) you will have to look at my site: *Blocked*…and try my contests and the winner will get my account!

    😀 Good Luck Fantagians! 😀

    Yours Sincerely

    User of Fantage

    bliss~Why would I need permission? And no advertising.

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