Dizzywood is a fun, virtual world for kids. lol! ok so…other pages. yh, i quit dizzywood but i still have my old posts and pages up for those who need it. i can still answer common questions about dizzywood(Ex. where do i get __ critter?). ok so feel free to contact me with questions about DW and i will still try to answer them as best as i can. if i can’t, i will redirect your question to one of my buds who will be able to help.

Click the pages’ name you want to view.

Charms – Charm Calendar(s)(old)


Dizzywood Critters

E-Z Coins in DW

How to’s



Riddle Answers


40 thoughts on “Dizzywood

  1. um….hi bliss im annie,im new to follow this website…..i wonder i could give my dizzywood account away?im using another one….and well,i dont want to use my dizzywood account away……….

    bliss~Dizzywood accounts are worthless. The site closed down years ago…

  2. Hey bliss. SecretBuilders suck! The faces are soooooooooo ugly, and people are saying [Are u Free?] and other things like that. I MISS DIZZYWOOD AND I STARTED IN 2009!

  3. Oh and I am hosting a party in Fantage.com. When? April 20, 2013. What time? At 7:00. Where? What do you think? In Fantage, at DownTown! And im a Non-Member so NO piñata, NO Prom,Happy Birthday or other parties like that. A NORMAL party! So,meet you there in Fantage.com! Byeeeeee!!!!!

  4. Hey Blissswirl, I play Dizzywood. It has transported to SecretBuilders, and what is your name? My name is Vanessa. P.S: I’m talking about your real name.


    bliss~I’ve never actually said “My name is____.” But I’m sure you can find it if you look around enough(;

  5. And I my account is for giveaway, for free. I will comment the password and user if it’s alright with you. Thanks


    bliss~Sorry, I don’t allow account-giving on this site.

  6. i don’t really like dizzywood its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring and lame

    bliss~It closed down like three years ago. You’re probably playing SecretBuilders. Dizzywood was awesome.

  7. we can see that! ps fuzzy 8 me iaaiaia and my big big big hot brother is going to make everyone in all virtual worlds turn aginst you because your mean! BEAT IT FUZZY!

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