If you are looking fora certain charm, search it up——————————————>



30-mistletoe charm, ladybug charm


sept. charms

charms reel calendr


7 thoughts on “Charms

  1. where did you find the scared face and the icecream cone? please email me back.

    fudgy~i don’t know where those charms r, i only have the beginning charms. sorry, i just can’t really log into dizzywood now, its all “errors”

  2. LIKE OMG!Becca!!!IS THAT U?????????///Becca do u remembuh me?I am Cyboy I used to b ur buddy…I helped u on dw alittle..But I Have no I dea Why We Aint Buddies Anymore 😦

  3. hey… um can anyone tell meeh wer da soccer charm and the basketball charm is?

    fudgy~the soccer charm is in the explorer’s camp near the old clothing tent(i’m not sure its still there, its temporary-its over) the basketball charm is in skytown, i think both of these charms already expired,charms are temporary

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