Dizzywood Critters

This is a page dedicated to the dizzywood critters it tell where to get them and what they like if u have any questions just comment asking i hope this page helps!  😀

this is me with all my critters! (hope i didn't leave anyone out!)

this is me with all my critters! (hope i didn't leave anyone out!)

Battyfox- found in the Omicron Turnip Mine likes bug emote

Bull Beastie – found in Omicron Turnip Mine likes cake emote

Bunnycorn – found by collecting all blue crystals in Jaguar Temple

Double Snake – found in Theta Potato(lol) Mines by ghostraying a rock in the far right corner then ghostraying the rock behind it NOTE:u need the corrupt dampener for this, likes wink emote

Flutter Bird – found in Omicron Turnip Mine likes heart emote

Kitty – found my collecting all the broken pieces of a statue in Garden Gazebo likes fish emote

Piglet – found my collecting all the big blue pieces in Jaguar Temple likes heart emote

Floating Fish – found by collecting all the blue crystals in Jaguar Temple likes wink emote

Lizard – is found by collecting all blue pieces in Jaguar Temple likes bug emote

Twinkle Pig – found in Omicron Turnip Mine likes happy emote

Morpher(s)-found in Endless Wild, all parts available from other morphers

Crested Fluppy-available during Halloween ’09 when you upgrade to Gold

Skeleton Fluppy-available during Halloween ’09 talk to Laser, play, recieve the fluppy

i also ask that u plzzz use my friend code when making a new dizzywood account it’s Fish4039 i really want to get the turtlebug :D-actually, i already have the turtlebug due to a mission from when i was gold, i just can’t use it

turtlebug!(this is cheerio's turtlebug)

turtlebug!(this is cheerio's turtlebug)



17 thoughts on “Dizzywood Critters

  1. hey i collected all the pieces to the statue and they didn’t give me a kitty! what happened? 😥

    fudgy~did u talk to the garden sprites? u need to pay them coins to make ur kitty real and u need a green crystal, hope this helps! 🙂

  2. freind code?how get 1?

    fudgy~when u first start out ur supposed to get one(it’s a scroll that if u invite like 4 friends to join dizzywood and they make one with ur friend code, then u get a turtlebug), i’m not sure if they still do that…check ur “loot” tab and see if u have a scroll that’s called “invite a friend”

  3. how do you get the tamed betta fish? you left that one out =(

    fudgy~sorry, it’s just that i got that one a long time a go and i don’t remember how to get it…i will research how to, though

  4. oh the tamed betta fish you get by doing a mission but the mission was LONGGG time ago like before membership! so like last septeber lol

  5. i made it into omicron turnip but i dont see it wat happened

    fudgy~r u sure u made it all the way through the mines? if u did, it might be becuz the flutterbird is a little hidden its to the far left of the machine
    if u still can’t find it, tell me and i’ll follow u through the mines to help you

  6. you left out fish not floating fish but just the non crystal fish whch you can find at breakwater beach

    fudgy~Are you talking about the tamed betta fish? ‘Cuz i got that a long time ago, like when i first started out in dizzywood and hadn’t started blogging yet. If not, then which one are you talking about?


    fudgy~that’s a hard one. i was researching that the other day and all that came up was that you could get one from the mystery wagon wheel thing.i think i got it from fishing

  8. Try going on a differen computer,gaby. That’s the only way DW works for me.

    You can’t get charms right now cuz DW hasn’t updated. You mostly get the critters from the Crystal Mines or at the Jaguar Temple(collect all the big blue crystals).

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