E-Z coins in DW

ok, to get easy coins in dizzywood i have some tips:

  1. go to wildwood glen and collect flowers, bark, plushrooms,and mirth apples


2. play the mystery wagon


3. “water” the vine in Garden Gazebo to get shirts then when u  get all of them u get 250 coins


4. play force field with the salamanders or click the pole in skytown and play against the firefly sprite


5. play games to win coins

6. do missions

7. dig the “spy eye” for coins in explorer’s camp

8. when walking around dizzywood step over the stars, gems, and shells for  1 coin

9. u can find coins lying around sometimes


10. u can sometimes find “presents” lying around hidden

(gasp)present! for me? :O - :D

(gasp)present! for me? :O - 😀

11. sometimes u can find glitches like i have one where all my move scrolls r found in one place and it gives me never-ending coins whenever i  click the scroll, it gives me 100 coins everytime i click it!


12. give the cloud sprite blue elixer for 60  coins and sometimes gifts

13. go to Mage Barrow and answer the riddles (if u don’t know the answers look at my page Riddle Answers)


5 thoughts on “E-Z coins in DW

  1. I have been commenting on every Dizzywood blog about this, so:
    If you want to be in my play, please go to megsogirl.wordpress.com to audition.

  2. omg i tried to make a movie once on dizzywood and this girl who was in it automatically named her self assistant director and then she was acting like the boss and too many people came in and left because as i was trying to give out parts people kept leaving 😦

  3. on the one where it says ” play force field with the salamanders or the pole in skytown” that sounds wrong… play force field with a pole xP

    fudgy~i don’t really get it, but i’ll change it anyways i guess

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