How to’s

How to….

Get to Skytown

  1. Go to Presto’s Edge
  2. Get near the “cannon”
  3. Zap or ask someone to zap the cannon(zap sign sphere thing)
  4. Enterr

How to get to Icy Aerie

  1. Accept the mission -Find the Crystal Key to the Icy Aerie
  2. Go to Presto’s Edge
  3. “fall” into the Chasm(under the bridge)
  4. Click the key

How to Save a Look

  1. Wear the look you want to save
  2. Go to “My Stuff”
  3. Open “looks”
  4. Click ” Save a Look”
  5. Name your look
  6. Click”Save”

TIP: If you’re a Gold Member and your memberships is running out, but u have cool clothes you wanna keep, save it as a look in your look book!

How to Get a Mining Helmet

  1. “Find” the broken helmet in the Crystal Catacombs(Explorer’s Camp-Jaguar Temple- Crystal Catacombs)
  2. Take it to Chango to fix it(Presto’s Grove)
  3. Take it to the Skytown Sprite to light it(Skytown)
  4. Completed!

How to Change my Secret Portal Destination

  1. Open your “Room Editor”
  2. Click your secret portal
  3. Change your buddy

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