Riddle Answers

i will constantly be adding to this page if  i find that i forgot some riddles  🙂    (and i know i forgot some i’m stil trying to write them)

drpepper didn't even notice when i took the pic!

drpepper didn't even notice when i took the pic!

R: What kind of driver doesn’t need a license? A: screwdriver

R: What kind of can do u open without a can-opener? A:pelican

R: What did the skeleton order at the restaurant? A: Spare Ribs

R: What did the ghost wear at the party? A: a bootie

R: I bind  it and it stops u loose it and it stays A: sandal

R: What did the pig wear to the party? A: a pigsty

R: Where does count dracula usually eat his lunch? A: casketeria

R: What is everyone doing at the same time? A: aging

R: What can u catch but not throw? A: cold

R: What goes up and down the stairs without moving? A: rug

R: What goes round and round the house without moving? A: sun

R: What is found all over the house? A: roof

R: What’s a monster’s favorite bean? A: human bean

R: What never get’s any wetter no matter how much it rains? A: ocean

R: What is it that u will break even when u name it? A: silence

R: What is it that everyone requires, everyone gives, but very few take? A:advice

R: What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries? A: towel

R: What runs all around the yard without moving? A: fence

R: What is it that u will need in the long run? A: breath

R: What has a neck but no head? A: bottle

R: What is most useful when used up? A: umbrella

R: What coat is put on when wet? A: paint

R: What kind of ant can count? A: accountant

R: What do u call an ant ruler? A: a tyrant

R: Who always goes to bed with shoes on? A: horse

R: What is the first thing the president does? A: wakes up

R: What goes round the woods? A: bark


11 thoughts on “Riddle Answers

  1. uh fudgy its ‘what has a neck but has no head?’ you put what has a neckbut no neck
    luv ur website how did you make it anyway?

    fudgy~ yea…i did this all from my memory and so i might have put them wrong, thx i’ll fix it. and thx! and i went to wordpress.com and clicked “express yourself with a blog, start now” or something like that, then they make u make an account and then u can make a blog

  2. Fudgyswirl I have a riddle u shoud put in the riddle page…Its really easy lol so here it is:What comes once in a Moment,Twice in a Minute,And never in a thousand Years?A.The letter m(Or u could just say m)Glad to help if I did thought 😀

  3. I hav one of those brain teaser type riddles!
    Two people are walking at the same time. They walk at the same pace right nxt to each other. They start at the same place, and end at the same place. But one goes 2 miles while the other goes 4 how Ish dis possible?

    bliss~Whaaat. How?

  4. I have two! 1.What goes up but never goes down?A.Age
    2.a half a circle a circle a staight line before a gate.What is it?A.colgate

  5. I have another! You are a a freezing, dark room. I have a match, and you see a furnace, a stove, and a candle. What do you light first?

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