Fantage Apps

As you may know, Fantage has released a few apps.

In some of these, you have the option to type in a username and play against that user. That’s what this page is for!

Just comment your username and others who view this page will be able to play with you(:

Sorry, for the time-being I won’t be able to play against you guys. When Fantage releases the Fish Fish and Super GoKart app for the Play Store, I’ll accept your requests.


23 thoughts on “Fantage Apps

  1. fantage apps are available in play store but maybe only for samsung galaxy s devices

    bliss~Not the group games, though. Bullseye and IDFone are, but not ones where you can invite and play with other users.

  2. Uhh can you enter a game card code outside the usa? Please answer me bliss, or anyone else in there, i would like a $10 game card for sure….. My moms going to usa

    bliss~I’m sure you can!

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