Fantage Secret Areas

Here are all the Fantage Secret Areas:

There are a couple few in the Lighthouse(: Thanks, guys.

Use the sign to click the symbols that are on the dock’s posts. In order.

The bush to the far right should open up, click the elevator twice.

You should be inside Dr. Finkelstein’s lab!

Another one at the Lighthouse: Go inside and then go upstairs.


There’s another one in the Forest>Grotto. Sun-Bell-Leaf-Duck Boat. The order might change.

Go on the mushrooms.

Go on the little glider-thing and talk to the fairy.


Know any others? Comment(:



117 thoughts on “Fantage Secret Areas

  1. These are not secret places but they are things that are TOTALLY AWESOME!

    1st:Go to the beach and click on the palm tree
    2nd: Go to the beach then click the sun!!


  2. Hey Bliss!!! Guess what? Yesterday I was working on my blog and my dad came into my room and found out about my blog…but he said IT WAS OK!! I AM SO HAPPY!

    Please look at my site. My bored page isn’t finished yet though..

    Crystal Blossom’s Fantage Tricks n Cheats


  3. you should put frankensteins lab up, go to the lighthouse and see the sign, use that and then click on the poles with the same patterns, pretty much same as fairyland to get there

  4. Well I know another secret. Which is not a place. Lol
    You first go to Le Shop.
    Then you see some loud speakers on the top right side.
    You see a button on the loud speakers you press that button and then the loud speaker should BOOM.

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